Germany: The Schonefeld International Airport of Berlin

Germany is the western European country with a huge range of forests, mountains, and rivers. The country is as ancient as it 2-millennium history. Germany is the most influential country of European Union due to its economic growth and stability on world’s map. There is a huge influx of foreigners in Germany for business and tourism purpose. Berlin is the capital city of Germany and also the largest state among 16 due its population volume.

Berlin Culture

Berlin is the home of rising attractions including art and culture, nightlife, prudent museums, universities and an iconic gate of Brandenburg. There are several imprints of World War 2 which captured the attention of each traveler. The city was divided in the 13th century during its brutal cold war. Berlin is known for its scenic views and fascinations such as historical relationship, lively nights, cafes, restaurants, bars, street art, and museums. After the World War 2, Berlin has reconstructed itself completely and now around of one-third part of the city is covered with forests, parks, gardens and rivers.

Berlin Airport

Being the capital city of Germany, Berlin has excellent mediums of transportation and Berlin Schonefeld Airport is one of the magnificent models of it. The international airport of Berlin is located at the southern border of Germany near Schonefeld town which is 18 Km away from the city center. Though small in size, the Schonefeld airport has been serving the country for civil and military purpose but for now, this airport is included in the major civil airports of the East Germany. It is also stated that this airport will be merged into Brandenburg Airport in 2017.

Air Lingus

Schonefeld airport has four terminals named as terminal A, B, C and D for check-in purpose. Except Terminal C, all the other terminals are jointly connected through the airside passageway. Being a small airport of the city, the airport has not lavish facilities but there are some shops, restaurants like a branch of Burger King and few airline lounges. Air Lingus, Aeroflot, Air Russia, Air VIA, Easy Jet, Egypt Air, Norwegian Airline and Ryanair Airlines are some of the major operating airlines at this airport. The Schonefeld airport is served by excellent transport facilities including car, buses, taxis and train which are easily available and accessible to approach the airport. For roaming the city book for Berlin airport transfers online.

On the whole, the airport is serving the Germany’s nation efficiently in its limited boundaries, creating a positive impact on air traveling services in Berlin.


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